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How to Craft Your Own Boho Tassel Wall Art

Looking to infuse your home with some boho-chic charm? Tassels are the perfect way to add a touch of creativity to various areas of your space. In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the process of crafting these delightful tassels that can be used as curtain tiebacks, pillow accents, or even to create a chic mini wall hanging. Get ready to unleash your creativity and add a dash of boho flair to your home decor.

**Materials You'll Need:** - Four groups of four cords (approximately 12-14" long)

- An array of cord colors for a vibrant touch - Scissors - Optional: Beads or decorative elements - Optional: Small clips for hanging pictures **Step 1: Gather Your Supplies** Before we dive into crafting, ensure you have all your materials ready. The diverse selection of cord colors allows you to mix and match, giving you endless creative possibilities. This is the comb and cord I use.

**Step 2: Create Your Tassel** 1. Begin with your first group of cords, folded in half, with the loop facing up on your work surface. 2. Take the second group of cords and fold it over the first bundle, creating a loop on your right, with the cords from the first bundle in between. 3. Repeat this process with the third and fourth groups of cords. You should now have an open square or "window." 4. To add a hanging loop, insert a long cord with a knot at one end through the open square (window). Then, gently pull on the ends of each of the four groups to

cinch it tight. 5. Make the hanging cord longer than needed initially to allow for adjustments later. Pull it about halfway through to avoid losing the knot while combing the tassel. **Step 3: Finish the Tassel** 1. Take another cord, approximately 12" long, and place one end at the top of the tassel. 2. Move down a couple of inches and create a loop with the cord. 3. Hold the loop in place, ensuring you don’t lose it when wrapping the tassel, and wrap the remaining cord around the tassel. This creates the characteristic tassel effect. 4. When you reach the end of the cord, pull the end through the loop you were holding. Be cautious not to pull it all the way through. 5. Trim and comb your tassel to your desired shape, being careful not to cut the central hanging cord, which will allow you to adjust the tassel's length when displayed. This is the combs I use in our workshops.

**Step 4: Get Creative** Feel free to experiment with beads or other decorative elements to enhance your tassel's look and make it uniquely yours. **Step 5: Display Your Tassels** Hang your tassels on a dowel rod or stick. Use a slip knot by wrapping the cord's loop over the wood, pulling the tassel through the loop, and cinching it up. Since we made it adjustable, you can easily modify the length by pulling the knot at the tassel's center. Congratulations! You've just created beautiful tassels that can bring boho charm to any corner of your home. Whether you're using them as curtain tiebacks, pillow accents, or mini wall hangings, these tassels are a versatile and stylish addition to your decor. Feel free to explore different colors, beads, and hanging options to suit your style. And remember, by using the provided Amazon affiliate link, you're supporting our content at no additional cost to you. Happy crafting and decorating! If you’d like to receive a kit you may order it here.

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